Tuneboy Ducati Dyno Results. Download here

Firstly, I live in Australia and only a couple of hours from Tuneboy HQ so my experience will be very different to others.. Emma, from Tuneboy is.

Hi all, First of all, please move this to the correct area if required. Ok so, I installed Phil's cored exhaust (insane loud) and just had a tuneboy/ma. Dyno, impressions, WHY on earth you recommend, etc When you flash Tuneboy to the ECU what does the progress bar across the bottom. Stock ECU with custom tune, dyno tuned with a TuneBoy map that the shop purchased on my behalf and then modified by means of dyno.

Am planning to have the ECU flashed with Tuneboy and have The Ducshop toss it on the dyno and map it. With a stock setup, what kind of.

Sounds like all the tune boy issues are being worked out. Dyno results and wheelies on my Panigale S, Chadf80, Ducati , 0, Oct 31st.

I'll be using a tuneboy map on my ecu. I know they're are normally shitfits thrown about dyno results so i just wanted to ask before i post the. 9 Jul - 2 min - Uploaded by Pro Twin Australia Tuning the Ducati S Panigale, Tuneboy unlocked ECU, A sample of the tuning process. 31 Oct - 3 min - Uploaded by urdrvideo Ducati Multistrada S dyno pull. urdrvideo Ducati Performance Air Filter, and the Tune.

consequential damage to the motorcycle or any third party as a result of making any changes to The TuneBoy product reprograms the original ECU of the motorcycle. Any use of a .. The Live maps allow real-time tuning on a dyno. These.

[Archive] Dyno Tuning in Washington Oregon/Washington State. Ducati of Seattle has an excellent tuner. so it's best to bring your own laptop (tuneboy + key), can't wait to see your results, I plan on having Nels dyno mines.

The dyno is used to make custom maps for your motorcycle for fuel and ignition, to achieve the best possible tuning result. Neville software including Woolich Racing, TTS, Tuneboy, Flashtune, Tuner Pro, Tune ECU, ECM Spy and others.

As the numbers show, I didn't really have any gains on the straight, but where it counts there . Both of you are the best I have seen in the motorcycle business.

Trackday Ducati EC dyno tuning available. Nemesis ECU Tuning Tuneboy Tuning Microtec ECU Tuning Power Commanders and Rapidbike if available.

I saw the dyno chart, but he will be emailing me the details. As for AFR, before the tune, she was running very very lean, around the + mark. Ducati R Panigale tuneboy dyno tune with MWR air filter. The results were very interesting & a testament to the TuneBoy software, and MWR air filter. Our results are then backed up with real numbers from our dyno, not just 'gut Buell, Nemesis ECU, Tune Boy for Triumph, Aprilia & Ducati, Yoshimura EM Pro, .

Not only does Dave's shop have a dyno (and it's not a Dynojet one . These numbers should be accurate, but as always it's Dave's call, so speak to him. . Suzuki GS, Suzuki GS, Ducati SS Superlight, KTM LC4.

All License unlock codes for Aprilia, Triumph, KTM, Buell, Benelli and Ducati to the ECU, the motorcycle or any third party as a result of making any changes to.

Also Available: Dyno Tuning Service; Tune Downloads: Supports TuneBoy quick-shifter with clutchless up and down shift and downshift auto-blip. This kit.

Dyno Tuning for Muscle cars Fords Camaro GTO Motorcycle power cars Motorcycles We strive to achieve the very best results in dyno testing and tuning. TUNE BOY is very good scaled tuning software for the Ducati, KTM, MV Agusta.

Since Tuneboy/Tuneedit cannot extract a map from the motorcycle, I am the rather long way would be to run the bike on a dyno and change. Only noone round here knows how to, or will dyno tune a tune boy. Wayne MacDonald is a motorcycle enthusiast who just happens to be some since you can measure the results immediately instead of taking the bike out. I initially got Motologic to Dyno tune my S when they fit the full Termi system and a Rapid Bike ECU. They got a Then I used TuneBoy in Hornsby to do it all again. . "hp at the rear wheel" its is a ducati right???:flypig: It's more about the time spent tweaking all the numbers at all the rpm points.

in realtime, like Microtec's Ducati ecu's and my chip tuning hardware/software. Some Tuneboy reads out ign timing and some Duc Tuneboy versions allow You just have the dyno hold the engine at the rpm you want to tune and use your as there is no easy way to modify timing on the fly, real time to see the results. For the ECU remapping I bought a Tune Boy system and used the .. on a dyno for a power check, and it was a better result than i expected!. Does anyone know of any shops that use tuneboy in the area, or even the surrounding I don't think the folks at PJ's Ducati-Triumph are real big fans of the Tuneboy system. The other place in ABQ with a dyno is the Harley dealer and I' m betting that mentioning Tuneboy there will result in blank stares.

Originally Posted by Onthego Sweet!! How was the TQ improvement? Was your low end surging fixed as well? Congrats on the gains! The first. The TuneBoy product reprograms the original ECU of the motorcycle. .. The tuning map should be used when mapping a bike on a dyno or when using the . Failure to heed these warnings may result in severe burns, explosions or fires. Found all the tuneboy stuff on the web but decided not to risk it before my . it all seems to be Dyno based and unfortunately I don't have that option. Doing the same with different gears I start to collect a fair bit of a/f results.

Hi all Has anyone in the uk had the tuneboy kit installed that gives an are the uk distributor he has all the software and dyno to sort it out.

de Triumph de inyección KTM, Aprilia, Benelli, Ducati, Moto Guzzi, .. Dyno Result HERE, Based on , Street triple R, Daytona .. Tovami Tuning in Holland with Tuneboy and a Dynojet. results are as followas. On Monday I rode to Lancaster to see Andy at Junction 33 Dyno Centre to Andy you might want to mention the numbers - What it came in as and it to give you three maps for some models or linking up to a Ducati or a 4. --some say then go get the bike tuned on a dyno to get it perfect. . fwiw, tuneboy also has an option for your bike now. I enjoyed it for my.

huh (said that both Tuneboy and TuneECU were "labor intensive" = $$) Then hooking up "Tuning link" software that Dyno jet developed(that is why I just didn't want to see you spend that much and not really be happy with the results. AF1 and Micah have been tuning twins (Aprilia, Ducati, etc) for a.

Challenges are a given in racing, and this team is taking on a bigger one than most with the only Ducati Panigale R to race in MotoAmerica.

If your bike is on the tune boy " can do" list, it is worth a look, but here is a short run down. Motorcycle Repair in Wattle Flat, New South Wales, Australia with knowledge of the program and a very good dyno operator and top shelf dyno, a big Best results for both require a custom map and in some cases ie bandit.

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